The Pill

This is a collaborative effort by film industry people from around the world, united to bring to life a current and important story about mental health while in the midst of this global pandemic.
The Executive Producer of the  film is Tina Imahara – Film Editor, Mentor & Consultanteditor of such films as Academy Award nominated documentary Tip Toe and Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary Fuel. Kevin Lee Miller, an experienced Hollywood Producer, Writer and Editor has served as a script consultant and Sean Montgomerywho works in editing and motion graphic, a three time Emmy nominee, is the official Editor of the film. And, Eric Oh Csc, an accredited member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) and the Malaysian Society of Cinematographers (MYSC) with 27 years of experience is our Director of Photography. These people are just a few of the amazing and talented filmmakers working on this project.

Participacions en el projecte

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Guionista / Directora

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Louise Brix Andersen

The Pill

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