Mahina, a charming and strong-minded woman, 40s, has decided to attend a women-empowering business
seminar and travels to a remote place; a large old house located in the mountains of Catalunya, Spain.
Everything appears to be perfectly normal as she is greeted by the friendly and polite women. However, the
dynamics of the group quickly proves to be very different from what one would expect of a business seminar
and little-by-little we also discover that Mahina has a very specific mission planned – one that does not include
learning about marketing.

Mahina intends to save her sister, Rali, from what she believes to be, a manipulative all-female
destructive cult. She must re-establish their lost relationship and convince Rali to come back home.
However, Rali, a dedicated and loyal woman, 30s, is not looking for rescue, and a shared family
trauma complicates the situation even more between the two sisters. Mahina is dragged further and
further into the sisterhood where hallucinations and supernatural connections have her doubt her own
sanity. Emma, one of the young devoted ”sisters”, becomes a trusted friend of Mahina. Meanwhile, the
enigmatic and strict Maria, 50s, seems to always be one step ahead of Mahina.

Eventually, Mahina discovers that it was never the women she had to fear and the misogynistic tactics of
this place come from a very different kind of evil. When Rali goes through with a ritual, and all seems to
be lost, the women must come together to eliminate the real threat as a group

Informació addicional

Sisterhood fue seleccionada por L’Alternativa Festival de Cinema para participar en las jornadas de Industria y pitching profesional del Festival de Cine Terror de Molins de Rei. Posteriormente fue seleccionada por Wscripted y EWA – European Women’s Audiovisual Network para participar en el evento Pitch Producers Byond Boarders.

El proyecto está actualmente en desarrollo.

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